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Monday, April 18, 2022

Ok. Sure. Thanks Phor The Warning?

CP: Good Morning. CP's Draughts and Drachms. How will you make me crazy today?
Lady: Yeah. I just called. 
CP: No you didn't.
Lady: I did. 
CP: Called what?
Lady: Called you. 
CP: No you didn't. 
Lady: I most certainly did. 
CP: Didn't.
Lady: Did. 
CP: Why?
Lady: To get a refill. 
CP: Ok. But you didn't talk to me. 
Lady: Right. 
CP: Ok. What do you need this time?
Lady: I just called in my refills and that machine lady told me it would be ready at 13:13. I 'll be there at noon. 
CP: Ok. We will see you at noon. Your prescription still won't be ready until 13:13, but I appreciate you coming early to check out our work. Are you bringing cookies?
Lady: What? No. I want my prescription when I get there; not when it's ready.
CP: Then come later, when it's ready then it'll be ready when you get here. 
Lady: Listen. I have had just about enough of this. 
CP: But you're not completely full up on me yet? I suppose there is always room for Jello. 
Lady: What ever are you on about now?
CP: See ya when I see ya. 
Lady: My Rx had better be ready when I get there. 
CP: Then I suggest you coordinate your schedule accordingly. Tschuss. 


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