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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Something New Every Day

CP: Quick and Easy Pharmacy, How may I help you? 
Concerned Recipient At Pharmacy Indicating No Adverse Events or Soreness Still: I'm concerned. 
CP: Hello Concerned. I'm Pharmacist. Why are you like this?
CRAPINÆSS: <serious face> I came in for a flu shot yesterday and I don't have a sore arm or any symptoms.
CP: Great! 
CRAPINÆSS: Not great.
CP: Why not great? 
CRAPINÆSS: I always have a sore arm and a fever after my shot. You gave me the shot so fast. Are you sure I'm inoculated? 
CP: Completely. 
CRAPINÆSS: But my husband gets his shot through the VA and he always has side effects with his shot. I just don't see how you could've given it to me that quick. It was barely a second.
CP: <snickers> Poor guy. I have a way with a syringe. I've been doing it that way for years, as has the person who trained me; he who was among the first to administer vaccines in the area and has trained many Jedi in the ways of the Phorce over the years. 
CRAPINÆSS: It was painless. and short. 
CP: <Stifles laugh> Um, thanks. 
CRAPINÆSS:  <still serious> And it was quick and easy. 
CP: <deadpans> I hear that lot.
CRAPINÆSS: <serious face still on> Good day. 
CP: Good Day. 

UT: Why are you smiling like that?
CP: That LOL
UT: Little Old Lady?
CP: Made me laugh. She was so prim and proper, so serious the whole way through her flu shot complaint, I could barely contain myself. 
UT: What complaint? 
CP: Her shot didn't hurt. At all. Who calls on the pharmacy to complain they have nothing to complain about? 
UT: I'm surprised she didn't ask "is it in" while you gave it to her. 
CP: Please don't ever say "while I gave it to her" again. 
UT: After every flu shot. From now on. How about "How'd she take it?"?
CP: Like all my exes, an inch and a half at a time, all the way to the barrel. 
UT: I think you could've used the 5/8" on her.

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