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Friday, May 22, 2020

Random Conversations

Sometimes these conversations, like Jedi negotiations, are short.
Sometimes, they're entertaining on their own.
Sometimes, I like to check if people are paying attention.

Grandmother Of One Boy: I am here to pick up a prescription.
CP: Ok. We need the insurance for him.
GOOB: I'm grandma!
CP: And I'm Batman!
GOOB: <confused look>
CP: Now that we are properly introduced, I still need his insurance.
GOOB: <harumph>


There Is Nothing Yet: I'm here to pick up my prescription.
CP: I have nothing here for you yet.
TINY: I really FEEL like you should have called before I came down.
CP: Really? Because I FEEL like you should have called me. Especially since I don't call people I don't know are coming for surprise visits.
TINY: I FEEL it's your responsibility.
CP: I FEEL you're not understanding that if I'm not expecting something, I can't call to say I didn't get it.


Nurse At Doctor: Here's a prescription for one of our mutual patients.
CP: Thank you.
NAD: Do you need her phone number?
CP: No. I have my own, thanks!


Impatient Patient Frequently Returning Expecting Everyone to Literally Yield: I need my refills.
CP: This prescription is out of refills.
IPFREELY: But I get it every month!
CP: Well, not this month.


IPFREELY: I need my refill today.
CP: It now requires a prior authorisation.
IPFREELY: But I get it every month.
CP: And the sun rises in the East every morning.


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