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Thursday, May 21, 2020

Hey, When You're Right, You're Right

Always Causing Trouble Upon Pharmacies: I am here for my prescription. 
UT: I do not have anything ready for you today. 
ACTUP: I dropped it off last week and you told me I couldn't get it until today. 
UT: Right. Today is here and you can get it. 
ACTUP: Then why isn't it ready? 
UT: Did you call us and ask for us to fill it today? 
ACTUP: Why should I? You told me today. 
CP: Actually, UT told you "you can fill this next Thursday but as it is more than a few days out, we have no way to set it to fill in the computer for you. You will have to call us that morning and request the fill". Any of this ring any bells? 
ACTUP: I'm going to ring your bells. 
UT: I will get it ready for you now. 
ACTUP: How long? 
UT: About 17 minutes. 
ACTUP: Fine. <mumbles> I'm going to *YCATS. 
CP: <mumbles, in a perfectly audible level> sounds good to me. 
UT: <snickers>
ACTUP: Did your pharmacist just say "sounds good to me"?
UT: <snickers, look at CP askance>
CP: <without looking up> I did. 
ACTUP: <glares menacingly> Excuse ME!
CP: You're excused. For continually acting up in my pharmacy. I've it had it with you. Every month it's the same issue. You mumbled a threat to go to YCATS. I am calling you out on it. Didn't expect that, did you? Listen, if I'm unhappy, I can either whine loudly about it, or just go somewhere else. I often choose to just go somewhere else whereas you opted to whine. I agreed that going somewhere else was a good idea for you. See, we are in agreement. We are of like mind, the two us. Good day!
ACTUP: <slinks away>
UT: Think he'll complain?
CP: Nope. Remember the philosophy is "treat others the way THEY wish to be treated". He wanted to act like an ass and treat us like crap every time he was in here. Today, I took the dominant role and treated him how he wanted to be treated. 
UT: So he's just going to go to YCATS? 
CP: Even if he doesn't he will be the model patient next time. 

*Your Competitor Across The Street

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