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Tuesday, February 12, 2019

When To Ask

ME: Hey, CP. Here's one for you. 
CP: These never end well. 
MYSELF: When is the proper time to ask a question? 
CP: Before you do something you may regret? 
ME: So you may make an informed decision? 
CP: Ideally. 
MYSELF: Okay. Here's today's #Everyday discussion. 
ME: You start. 
CP: Phine. Welcome to CP's Palace of Pills. How may I help you today? 
ME: I am here to pick up my prescription. 
CP: It's not ready yet. We've had tech cuts and I have metrics to meet so I can't work on your prescription until next Thursday. 
MYSELF: Wrong post. Jump ahead. 
CP: Sorry. I thought this was an #Everyday post. 
MYSELF: Get on with it. 
CP: Sorry. And the name? 
ME: Abe Froman. 
CP: Date of Birth. 
ME: 5/5/75. 
CP: I see this is a new medication. Do you have any questions about starting this today? I can review the side effects if you like. 
ME: How could I? I haven't taken it yet. That's a really stupid question to ask. 
CP: Is it? 
ME: How could I know what I want to ask if I don't know what it's going to do? 
CP: <Stares blankly at this logic> Isn't this the best time to ask? 
ME: No. 
CP: Okay. Do you have any food allergies? 
ME: Yes. I die every time I catch a whiff of meat or nuts. 
MYSELF: <snickers. . . he said "whiff of nuts">
CP: According to your logic, it would make complete sense to blindly walk into a restaurant, order from the menu, then start eating, before asking if the chef put his meat or nuts in the food? 
ME: Of course not. 
CP: But you're going to blindly take this medication without any questions or counsel. 
ME: Right. 
CP: Good luck. Please sign here for refusal of counsel and acting like a git. 
MYSELF: Perhaps you should have named him Darwin instead. 

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