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Monday, September 17, 2018

More Shot Thoughts

Random Thought Phor The Day. . .
CP: I need your help.
ME: What's up?
Myself: What do you need?
CP: A lead-in to my thought.
Me: What is it?
CP: <whispers to Me and Myself>
ME: Got it. Hey, what types of marketing do companies do for flu shots?
Myself: Let's see, there's TV, radio, internet, mobile apps, print in newspapers, circulars, signs in stores on the windows and counters, buttons on staff members, coupons, banners in front of stores, billboards, digital signs, some random dude dressed like a syringe standing out front jumping up and down.
ME: Oh yeah, the currently-out-of-work Liberty tax guy!
CP: Thanks. I'll take it from here.
Myself: It's your show.
CP: If you are a multi-billion dollar company and you spend millions of dollars on print advertising, digital advertising, TV advertising, multimedia advertising, and you STILL want your staff to ask "You want a flu shot with that", perhaps your marketing isn't worth it.
Save the money, give me more tech help and THAT in itself will generate more flu shots and mo money, mo money, mo money.
ME: Right on! Seriously, at this point, who doesn't know we offer flu shots?
Myself: Or that McDonald's has fries?

People will eventually not notice it thanks to #TheBlindnessOfUbiquity

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