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Monday, February 19, 2018

Shift The Blame - If The Real World Worked. . .

I went to the grocery store.
I had a list.
I was supposed to buy coffee and creamer.
That's it. Two items.
I came home with the coffee and forgot the creamer.
If this were my pharmacy, I would call the grocery store, yell at the manager that they were responsible for my forgetting the 2nd item on my list, demand a gift card for my troubles, and ruin their day.
This is not the real world, but it is my pharmacy:

Forgetful Lady Yelling: I came down to the pharmacy to pick up two items and you gave me one.
CP: Shouldn't you have noticed when I handed you one item?
FLY: That's not the point.
CP: Okay. What are you missing?
FLY: How am I supposed to know?
CP: Well they are your prescriptions and as there were only supposed to be two of them . . .
FLY: I threw the bottles away as soon as I called them in to you.
CP: And the instant they hit the bottom of your waste receptacle, you forgot what you were taking? What you were taking every single day?
FLY: Yes.
CP: I really hope I can forget this conversation that quickly.
FLY: What's the point of calling them in to you if I have to remember what I take?
CP: Okay. Look at your bottles. Stare at them. Is there something missing?
FLY: Yes. My stomach pill.
CP: Okay. It looks like I . . .
FLY: . . . and my cholesterol one, and my memory one, and my one for memory, and my blood thinner.
CP: Okay. That's 4 more. You said you were missing one of the two you called in earlier.
FLY: Now that I look at it, I only have that one.
CP: Well I have to get all of these ready.
FLY: You mean I have to come back?
CP: You don't have to come back. No. There are plenty of options for people when they forget to call in or leave with all of their medications.
FLY: Such as?
CP: You could just stop taking everything. It is the most convenient option but I'd advise against that. You could transfer everything to another pharmacy and go there instead of coming back here. Maybe they won't forget you're forgetting something. You could send someone else in your stead? That way you could continue checking for any other medications we may have forgotten you were needing.

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