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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

It's Revolutionary!

The punchline to today's joke is: ...and that's how you get a dermatologist turned on.

I was watching the telly, minding my own, when suddenly I saw balloons. 
I like balloons. But not these. 
These were no ordinary red spheres of helium. 
No. They were metaphorical orbs of latex. 
I watched with interest trying to determine into which new prescription drug advert I may have inadvertently stumbled. 
Would it be something life-altering? A real game-changer? Something revolutionary? Something to better the human race? 
Hopes quickly faded as the balloons in my mind burst like the teenager's acne they were representing onscreen. 
#Onexton was the medication; another "me-too" in the arsenal of dermatologists' acne treatments. Their cache already includes Benzaclin, Duac, and Acanya so why not one more? 

I'll tell you. Brand Names and Patents. 
Want to woo the local dermatologist? Make an appointment as a drug rep. Walk into her office with flashy discount cards and while she's listening to your sales pitch, sidle up behind her, put your lips next to her ear so they brush ever so delicately against her skin and whisper: "Brand. Name. Only." and "Discount Card".

...and that's how you get a dermatologist turned on.

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