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Monday, May 12, 2014


...that's what you are...

I try to stay off naughty lists, especially Santa's and Corporate's. Every business, office, pharmacy has one though it may not exist in print. I hope I am never a customer who makes another company's list. I don't aspire to be memorable in a negative way. When we think of names throughout history, the first thing that comes to mind is their lasting impact; their contributions to history whether good or bad.

Our list usually involves our MOPs (Most Offensive Patients). Why do they seek to make a name for themselves in this way? The sight of their names on our computer screen is often enough to send employees into panic attacks. Cue eye-rolling as soon as their voice is heard on the other end of the call.

With these patients, you know you're in for a rollicking good time...and a trip to the liquor store on your way out the door.

I understand people are sick. I understand they have health issues. I understand they had to wait for hours at the prescriber's office or the ER.
What I do not understand is the need to be a belligerent Ass Baggins to those who are trying to help you. There is no reason for it. There is nothing you could have done in your life that gives you license to be an Ass Baggins (aka Kanye West). You are no more important than anyone else. Get in line, wait your turn, and come back when we tell you...and quit calling to complain every 15 minutes. The same staff are here and we all know how many times you've called today.

If nothing else, retail pharmacy really opens your eyes to how people treat other people. When I am a customer at any other retail business, it is sometimes painful to watch how the employees are treated.
In other countries, they have a mandatory military requirement. I believe we should have a mandatory retail requirement. Everyone, in order to graduate high school or enter college, should be required to work retail for 2 years.

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