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Friday, May 9, 2014

New Pharmacy Ideas

I was walking through the hospital today and my mind jumped a bit when I noticed the lovely drop-off window. It was the only indicator that a pharmacy was hidden behind the dull, art-covered walls. I like this idea. I think all retail outlets should adopt this. But as you know, they won't. I have room to improve the idea.

I picture a movie theatre ticket window. The ones that have the little speaker cut right in the middle of it. We'd have a prescription booth out front. Patients would walk up to the window, say "two please" and slide their prescriptions under the glass. The "prescription taker" would then verify your information, scan in your insurance card, and send the prescriptions to the pharmacists in the back via pneumatic tube.

While you are waiting, you could visit the lobby.
Even better idea? Put a pharmacy IN a movie theatre! Drop off your prescriptions, get movie tickets, enjoy a show, pick them up as you exit through the gift shop which we will put in to market movie tie-ins and drugs! Brilliant!

We'd have to work on the concession stand though. No traditional movie fare to be found here. We can't be irresponsible and offer candy and popcorn and nachos and pop/soda. (That'd be like chain pharmacies selling cigarettes and having a candy section in front of the pharmacy. Wait. They do that?)

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