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Monday, November 26, 2012

Unasked Questions

I love unasked questions. They are what make our days entertaining. I often wondered how many unasked questions someone could spit out before finally giving up and asking the questions they want answered.

<Please say this in your head with a bit of a Canadian accent. You know? The kind where every statement sounds like a question?> Love my Canadian neighbors BTW!

My doctor was calling in a prescription for me?
He said to check after 5:00?
It should be for an infection?
I was in the office around 2:00 today?
He was sending it electronically?
Or he was faxing it?
Or he said he was making a paper airplane out of it and flying it to you?
I have cold sores?
Maybe it was herpes?
I'm supposed to have something there from the other day too?
I think maybe someone called me?
It may have been you guys?
Or the doctor?
I think I'm supposed to pick it up by yesterday?
Maybe today?
I don't know?
I'd like to see if it's there?

I had this dialogue last week:
Her: I have a question for you?
Me: Ok...
Her: I need a refill on some medications?
Me: Ok...
Her: I don't have my bottles or my numbers?
Me: Ok...Still waiting for the question...<Yes, we all know the question, but it's like listening to something in German-you have to wait for the verb to know what to do.>
(Ok. Those are statements with an inflection at the end to make them sound like questions...)

Offices and other pharmacies (perhaps myself, said sheepishly...) are guilty as well:
I was calling in a prescription?
For a patient?
I was calling for a transfer?
I was calling for a med verification from the local jail?

You were? Then what happened? I picked up the phone?

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