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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

More "Do Not Do This" Items

They always say "kids, don't try this at home". I say, people, don't do this at my store.
-leave your bottles or prescriptions on my counter and walk away. This is not a newspaper stand where people just pick up a paper, drop a few quarters down and walk away.
-push ahead of someone and say "I'm just going to leave these here".
    Haha--me too!
    (I once had a guy push past 4 people in line dropping off. He slammed them on the counter and said "Fill these, I can't wait anymore" So I taped them to the counter where he found them when he returned later to pick them up. Yes. They are still waiting for you. They're a little lonely. Please pick them up and hold them.)
-call and ask "Is it okay if I did this?" when you should have called earlier and asked "Can I do this?"
-put prescriptions or refills in the drive-thru tube and then drive away. Would you sign your paycheck and do the same thing at the bank? If so, please put it in my tube and the refills in the bank's next time. If you do this, then please don't get mad when you are not in my computer, I had no way to contact you because you didn't leave a phone number, and you forgot the new insurance or there were no refills. Basically, you skipped all of my required steps to fill your prescriptions so I'm skipping filling it.
-get mad at me when I ask for your driver's license to prove who you are. You requested that we ID you when picking up your prescriptions. It is not my fault you lost your license. Perhaps your first stop should have been the BMV next door.
-get mad when you forgot a prescription at my store. We get orders all day from a number of sources for hundreds of patients. This is why we ask "How many are you picking up today?" If you tell us 2 and we have 2, I will quit looking. If it is supposed to be 7, you should have said 7.
-tell me grandma is sick and needs her insulin shots because she is visiting from out of town for the holidays and you're the best damn grandchild who always takes care of her and you need to buy just a bag of syringes to get her through so she doesn't have to spend Thanksgiving in a strange hospital because it may be her last holiday with everyone all together around the feast and she can't enjoy the sweet potatoes and pie without her insulin so can you just have one bag, please?

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