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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Retail Holidays

Why have people been calling all week to ask what our hours will be on Thanksgiving? If you're planning on needing something, come in today. If you're planning on making everyone sick with your dinner, order takeout.
I accept that we should get calls from doctors, ERs, hospitals, other pharmacies and providers so they know where to send people on the holidays. I expect that. I do not expect my customers to be planning their holiday around a trip to the pharmacy. I realize there are people who do not celebrate some/many/all holidays and these are great days to beat the crowds. Over my years of practice I have also realized that people will look at their pill bottles when they wake up and tell themselves "today is refill day", regardless of what the calendar says. I have had people walk to my store in a blizzard and drive through a Level 3 snow emergency (roads are closed to non-emergency personnel). It was not out of an emergency need. These were people picking up prescriptions that had been filled for days, were bringing me new prescriptions dated one day/week/month ago that didn't need them today, or people who had 1 or 2 pills left but it was "refill day". Why?
 If it's a holiday and I do not have to work, I am staying home. I am enjoying time with my family. I only come to work because people come to where I work. (I realize hospitals and ERs are open and people need to fill emergency prescriptions somewhere. That is not the argument here.)  My question is why are regular patients calling to find out my holiday hours? Stay home. Enjoy the day off from work. Enjoy the holiday. Let me and my employees enjoy our day too.
A special shout to all retail brethren as they face the Black Friday crowds late on Thanksgiving. Enjoy your holiday early. You certainly don't deserve the abuse inflicted upon you by your companies and the retail customers you have to face that day. It's become a whole lot worse this year with companies starting as early as 8pm Thanksgiving night.

Happy Thanksgiving all...

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