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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Our Fault

I cannot simply compile these into one giant heading because it would read like a Steven King novel, very long chapters.  I prefer the James Patterson approach where you can read a post in the length of a long pee. So now we're back with more stupid pharmacy stuff and one cynic's take:

I believe we all need to post a big sign in our stores admitting "It's Our Fault..." with the following list:
a.  ...your doctor did not call/fax/e-scribe/Pony Express your medications yet.  Sorry.
b.  ...we did not fill the refill on the prescription you have filled at another competing pharmacy.  Sorry.
c.  ...we did not anticipate you'd be in today and did not get everything we didn't know you needed ready for you ahead of time.  Really sorry.
d.  ...we are out of stock on this medication that has been on backorder by the manufacturer for the last 3 months.

The last is another favourite of mine because I cannot help myself from wanting to shake the crap out of the people who listen to me talk, but apparently have a disconnect where the words get jumbled on their way to the brain and the people think I'm lip-syncing to our overhead music.  Inevitably, I will get to have this conversation:  "Why do pharmacies not carry this?"  Well ma'am, as I just explained at great length, so there would be no confusion, it is a manufacturer supply issue;  they were recalled, on backorder, quit making, can't make, plant exploded, whatever.  So why the hell are you asking me why we don't carry it.  "Okay, can you call another pharmacy to see if they have it?"  Or, better yet "Your manager should be fired because he doesn't know how to order inventory that people need."  Aaaagghhh!

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