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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Favourite Stupid People We Face in Retail

There are always stereotypes.  There are always people who do their best to reinforce them.  There are people trying to break the mold and start brand new classes of stupid.

An older lady brought us a prescription she had obviously stashed in her purse some time ago.  We explained we could not fill it because it was too old.  With her years of wisdom and maturity forgotten, she tore up the prescription and threw it in the air to land all over my floor.  First, it was for an antibiotic.  Second, it was over 1 year old and she complained her doctor wanted her to have it because she "had something".  How about NO.  You just wanted the gift card for a new prescription and are mad at your own stupidity and inability to use a coupon.

A man approacheth.  I say-Hi sir.  What is her date of birth?  He says "It's my daughter.  I don't know."  Okay then.  Well don't get mad at me because you're an idiot.  It's called projecting.  You know you're a blithering idiot and feel insecure because your daughter hates that you never give her a card or present and you're taking it out on me because I called you on it.  Mature.

"How long will this take to fill?"  It will be about 20 minutes.  "Oh, well I can't come back until after 6pm tonight."  Jolly good for you sir.  Have a fine day.  But, then why the hell did you ask?  Just tell me you'll be back for it after 6pm and don't come back before then.  Were you just gathering data?  Are you really nosy?  Come on, stop wasting my time.  I need to get to work immediately on your scripts.

Do you have any questions for the pharmacist?  "No, I've taken them before."  Good. Not what I asked, but thanks for playing.

When did you say you'd be back for these?  "I told that girl, Oh, around 2 or 3."  Fine, sir.  You do realize it is now only 12:54?

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