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Monday, November 6, 2023


CP: I don't believe animals should be allowed in stores. 
CPP: I bet the people with service animals would have a few words about that. 
CP: I'm fine with the real, honest, working service animals; not these made up "emotional support" guinea pigs and alligators and pipsqueak rat-like dogs people bring in to stores. 
CPP: Yeah, the line has been erased. 
CP: And no one says anything because we can't offer "poor customer service" or be perceived as "intolerant". I do have pets. They stay at home. 
CPP: Why the anti-pet rhetoric today? 
CP: I was thinking we should get a pharmacy phriend; a pet. 
CPP: You confuse me. 
CP: Well, it started as a post about what would make the best pharmacy pet and I ME, MICE ELF, and I were discussing it, we thought of a better topic. 
CPP: Oh do tell. 
CP: Pharmacy Mascot!
CPP: Uh-huh. 
CP: What would make the best animal representative for our profession?
CPP: I don't know. 
ME: ME! Pick ME! 
MICE ELF: I have one! Ooh! OOH!
CPP: Why can I hear the voices in your head?
CP: <shrugs> 
CPP: Okay. What did you decide? 
CP: The perfect animal would be the duck-billed platypus. 
CPP: Since you put a lot of thought into this, why is the Platypus the perfect spirit animal for pharmacy?
CP: We are simultaneously two things at once, like the DBP: we are both salaried and hourly, respected and disrespected as professionals; retail workers yet professional license holders. No one believes we exist. 
CPP: I don't think Travis Kelce will make another "two things at once" commercial based on your description of pharmacy and the platypus. 
CP: Could be fun. I think I'm going to make Pharmacy Platypus Pins. #ThePlatypusIsThePharmacySpiritAnimal 

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