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Monday, November 13, 2023


CPP: What did you find particularly annoying last week?
CP: Dr. Zoffis. 
CPP: Care to elaborate?
CP: I'm tired of their shenanigans. 
CPP: Care to elaborate?
CP: Patients call all the time, as do offices, to say "we watched them send it. we sent it last week. we sent it wesentit wesentitwesentit!". 
CPP: Yes. And?
CP: And what happens? We receive a refill too soon rejection at best or, the office says "can't you just call and transfer it from the other pharmacy?" making it our job to do their job since they failed the first time(s). 
CPP: What's also annoying is when patients are IN the office and specify they want their prescriptions sent to my pharmacy. They put it on the app at checkin, review with the receptionist, verify with the nurse, and confirm with the prescriber. Yet they still manage to send it to the wrong place, if it's sent at all. 
CP: Right. Well you know how we received those Sharpie-fied refill request denials from Dr. Zoffis? 
CPP: The ones that say "not our patient" or "patient died" or "no longer our patient"? 
CP: Yes. Those. Well now I've been seeing a new one: "moved office location. update your records". 
CPP: I can see why that would be bad. 
CP: How about no? 
CPP: Pushing more work onto us. 
CP: From now on, when the office sends it to the wrong pharmacy, I'm telling them that, no, I cannot do that. When I move, I fill out a change of address form alerting the post office of my new location. It is not their responsibility to inform the senders of MY mail my new address. 
CPP: It's even worse when you have providers that have multiple office locations listed but the only one from which we receive e-scripts is the "home address" of the e-rx software. 
CP: Yeah, good luck trying to discern which of the 11 offices she is working today. Maybe its #7, maybe it's #46 and #2. Maybe she's off today. Who knows. No one has even heard of her at most of the offices because she travels. 
CPP: Providers should be forced to sign in at their prescribing location when they first login to their e-scripts for the day. If they leave for another location, they need to again login to the new place. Easy. 
CP: You mean like we do when we work multiple stores?
CPP: Genius, right? 
CP: But I am not playing Where's Waldo all day. 
CPP: Let's remind people of something here, or rather ask a key question: Are you a patient of the DOCTOR? or a patient of the OFFICE?
CP: If the doctor leaves a practice for a new one, do you, as the patient, follow them making you THEIR patient? If so, then I need to know the new location to send your refill. 
CPP: Which will likely update anyway as we will continue to send requests to the DOCTOR on your file. 
CP: But, If your doctor dies/leaves and you continue to see a provider in the same office, then you are a patient of that OFFICE. 
CPP: Which means when we send refill requests, the OFFICE shouldn't send us nasty notes about "not our patient" or "doctor no longer at this location/office/practice" or any other form or quick dismissal. 
CP: Especially when the office policies "require that your pharmacy contact us for refills". 
CPP: Easier said than done when we don't know WHERE to send them. 
CPP: I thought e-scripts were going to make everything easier? 
CP: It certainly made it easier for Dr. Zoffis to lay blame everywhere else and shirk many responsibilities. 

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