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Thursday, October 8, 2020

Case Study

CP: We should change our pharmacy's name. 
CPP: To what? 
CP: Justin. 
CPP: That's it? 
CP: That's it. 
CPP: Why just Justin? Why not Justin's Tinctures and Tonics? Or Justin's PharmaCity? Or whatever other weird crap has fallen out of that gourd of yours over the years.
CP: Because Justin is much more apropos. 
CPP: Ok. I'll bite. . . rabbit hole, here we go. 
CP: We are "just in" for everything. 
We are the patients' backup plan for mail order and everything else:
Mail order late? Go to your local pharmacy. 
Mail order out of stock? Local pharmacy will help. 
Lost your medication? See the locals. 
Your normal pharmacy is closed on weekends? See the chains. 
Your pharmacy that delivers doesn't on holidays? Go to the neighbourhood folks. 
Prescriber won't call in a refill until you're seen in the office in 2 days? Yep, the pharmacy peeps, if they say "NO" it's their fault. 
If there was a problem, yo I'll solve it. check out the hook while DJ revolves it. 
CPP: NnnnnnnICE. And please don't do that again. 
CP: We are the backup bitch. The fallback crutch. The bailout. 
Prescriber forgot to refill your scripts? Expect the Pharmacy to help. 
Out of insulin? And it's the weekend? A Holiday weekend?? See the pharmacist. (But only in town.)
CPP: Is there a new name badge in it phor me? 
CP: Yes. I will be Case and you will be Time. 
CPP: Case and Time? 
CP: Whenever you need us, we will be there. Justin Case and Justin Time. At your service. 
CPP: We should get business cards.

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