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Friday, March 20, 2020

Pay Attention

UT: Why do we have to over explain everything to everybody?
CP: Better question; why do we have to explain it in the first place?
UT: People don't watch the news?
CP: Judging by the number and frequency of complaints we have received over the last week or so, people are pandiculating after a long wintry hibernation from all news and world events.
UT: There is a reason we have to put "unwrap and insert" on suppository labels.
CP: And "chew then swallow" on chewable medications. What advice are we dispensing today?
UT: In no particular order:
7. If you are being told not to touch ANYTHING, for the love of all that is Holy, PLEASE STOP bringing bottles in to the pharmacy for refills. Call me. Give me your name and medication. Hell, I'd even settle for "that little white one" at this point. But Stop Bringing In Bottles!
2. If you find it necessary to wear a mask in public (I will give you the benefit of the doubt you need it), then use my drive thru. Don't walk in my store. Businesses are closing and becoming drive-thru only. But a mask? Stay in the car.
4. IF you find it necessary to wear a mask (and I know you don't need one), WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS when you leave the bathroom. #TwatWallet
1. Take advantage of the services your pharmacy provides. Use the phone app. Use the refill line. If the pharmacy calls and asks if you want something refilled, tell them yes! If you get a text, call to verify the medication that is due, THEN come to get it. Save an unnecessary trip to the pharmacy. If they offer delivery, stay home.
5. You're going to have to sign for your prescription. Bring your own pen. Use your finger. If available, use the app so you can sign on your phone. Just stop phreaking out that we are asking you to do something you have always had to do.
3. Cover your mouth with your arm/sleeve. No brainer? Yes. Needs repeated? Ad nauseum.
6. When we walk out to help you find a product, stay away from us. It's great that you're a "close-talker" but now is not the time. #SocialDistancing applies here too.
8. Do not be that creeper who likes to touch my fingers as I hand you your prescription/OTC product. There's a reason I hand it to you the way I do.
CP: Wow. Great list. You'd like to think our phaith in humanity would be rewarded during times like these but it's rather diminished instead of late.
UT: Are you still tracking how many questions we receive each day?
CP: Of course. I need a distraction from all the extra inanity:
Do you have thermometers?
Do you have alcohol?
Do you have hand sanitizer?
Toilet paper?
UT: Remember, you are unique, just like everyone else. And you are not any more special than anyone else. Have patience. Take a breath. Relax. The calmer everyone behaves, the smoother the lines will go and the sooner we will get through this together.
CP: Right. Acting like an ass only causes others to behave the same way.
UT: "Nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd."
CP: I really need to write that post.
UT: Play nice. Soon enough we in healthcare will be the only ones working face-to-face which puts our lives and the lives of our families at risk.
CP: I said it once before but it bears repeating, wash your hands! and the list. Reread the list.
UT: What does COVID-19 say?
CP: You can't stop me, you can only hope to contain me!

UT: You realise we rambled quite a bit on this post, right?
CP: I know. It's been a long stretch at work. My brain hasn't fully recovered. It's still mush from the last 6 days of chaos.
UT: Fortunately we have each other, and this page, for some commiseration and relief.
CP: Yes. We are all mad here.
UT: We really like to mix our quotes/phrases/lyrics on here, don't we?
CP: Out of chaos comes order.
UT: Please stop.

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