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Friday, March 6, 2020

I Want. . .

CP: Thanks for calling CP's Playhouse. How may I go insane today?
Wants It Now, Early Refill: I am calling to ask how many prescriptions I have ready today.
CP: It appears I have one medication ready for pickup today.
WINER: Is there another one?
CP: If you ask how many, and I reply "one", what makes you think there would be another one ready? Like a mystery box under my counter is filled with prizes and if you know the secret and to ask me to check my special box o' Rx, you get the script of the day?
WINER: Well my other one is due next week.
CP: Oh. In that case, I have exactly one prescription waiting for you. Today. Call back next week and, depending on the day, I may have two.
WINER: Can you fill it so I don't have to come back and make another trip?
CP: Sure. Next week.
WINER: But I want to get them both together.
CP: It is 4 days too soon for me to fill it.
WINER: Can't you just fill it anyway?
CP: No.
WINER: But I only want to make one trip.
CP: Sometimes, perspective is narrow. If you choose to look at life in black and white, you miss all the colours around you.
WINER: What are you on about?
CP: Instead of thinking in terms of "I want both ready today so I may make one trip", you need to change your perception.
WINER: To what?
CP: If I wait until next week when my other prescription is due, I can save myself a trip by not going to the pharmacy today. You could wait and still accomplish your goal.
WINER: That makes no sense.
CP: Change your perception, change your reality.
WINER: I just don't want to have to make 2 trips.
CP: Do you have enough of the first medication to last you 4 days?
CP: Just because we call to tell you an order is ready for pickup does not mean you have to get it today. Just like when you are at my pharmacy counter or drive thru and your phone rings does NOT mean you have to answer it right now. Silence it. Let it go to voicemail. The message will still be there when our transaction is completed in 42 seconds. Your prescription will still be here in 4 days when your other one is due.
WINER: If you say so.
CP: I do say so. That's me. Dispensing wisdom and prescriptions for a healthy mind and body.
WINER: So 4 days?
CP: <sighs> Yes. See you then.

Uber-Tech: If there are multiple ways to view something, perspective as you say, why are people so mired in their original beliefs?
CP: Close-mindedness. From something as simple as this transaction and looking at it a different way to a world view, people tend to believe theirs is the right way. It's why Americans have a such a negative stigma associated with us when we travel abroad.

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