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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Practise Should Make Perfect

Something to think about: My Quote-Of-The-Week winner is phrom a prescriber.
We called to clarify an e-script that was sent.
It was wrong. Way wrong.

As soon as I introduced myself as a pharmacist, I heard:

"I have yet to write an insulin prescription correctly."

How did this prescriber know? I hadn't even given the patient name or medication. Yep. This person has prescribing privileges at an office near you.

CP: You mean to tell me that you knew before you sent this that it was wrong?
Dr. Douche Baggins: Yes.
CP: You also admitted to butchering every other e-script you write for insulin?
DDB: Pretty much. Yep.
CP: Do you have a phone? You know, one that makes calls as well as receives them?
DDB: Yes.
CP Have you ever, and I know this is a wildly ridiculous and revolutionary concept, perhaps considered, I don't know, maybe calling in the prescription to the pharmacy? I'm just spitballing here but it could just work.
DDB: But I have to send it electronically.
CP: Right. Here's how it would work. You would call me, CP, The Almighty Drug Tsar, and I would walk you through HOW to write the prescription. You're good. I'm good. Patient not dead. Everybody wins.
DDB: <brain implodes> I don't know how to do that.
CP: Alternative option #2, and it's as wild as the first option, Call your software provider and ask for more training. You are already paying them for their services, you may as well make use of them.
DDB: But then I'd have to learn something. I learned everything I need to know in Medical School. Nothing changes after Med School. The world stays the same. My mommy and professors told me so.
CP: And that's why they call it a practise. Unfortunately at this rate, you'll never get it right.


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