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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Why Are You Still Arguing With Me?

. . . Better yet, why am I still involved in this conversation?

CP: Thanks phor visiting CP's Pill Palace, How may I phrustrate you today?
Not Understanding This: I was here yesterday for my wife's medication.
CP: I remember. I mentioned that her eye drops were ready.
NUT: Yes. I am also looking phor a pill.
CP: Ok. They called it in yesterday.
NUT: Right. Where is it?
CP: It was too soon. I put it on file. We mentioned this yesterday.
NUT: Oh. What is it?
CP: Valtrex.
NUT: No. That's not it.
CP: Yes. Yes, it is. I typed it myself.
NUT: No. It's something else.
CP: Is it phrom the same prescriber who wrote the eye drops?
NUT: Yes.
CP: What are we treating?
NUT: Shingles on her face and eye.
CP: That explains the Valtrex. We just filled a month supply last week.
NUT: Well, I don't know what it is, but that's not it.
CP: Well, if you said it is phrom the same prescriber who wrote the eye drops and it is to treat her shingles, and you were expecting 2 medications, one of which is a drop and one is a pill, and you don't know what it is, then I don't know what other answer I can give you. Call the prescriber?
NUT: I did. They said they called it in.
CP: Did they mention the name? Or what is was phor?
NUT: I don't remember.
CP: <waves hand> These ARE the drugs you are looking phor.
NUT: These ARE the drugs I am looking phor.
CP: <waves hand> Have a nice day.
NUT: Have a nice day.
Uber-Intern: Why didn't you just use your Jedi mind trick earlier?
CP: I just wanted to see how long I could play this out until I got bored.
UI: We're not that slow today.
CP: But he's really nice so I was hoping he'd come around sooner.
UI: You must teach me the ways, Master CP.
CP: Much to learn, you have. Much to learn. . .

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