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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

This Is Only A Test. Had This Been An Actual Emergency. . .

CP: Sometimes, all you can do is throw your hands in the air . . .
CP's Partner: . . . and wave them like you just don't care?
CP: . . . and pray for the human race.
CPP: What now?
CP: You know how we're allowed to authorise a refill in an emergency for a patient?
CPP: Yes. We have discussed this at length.
CP: Remind me, and enlighten our phellow phollowers, as to what criteria must be met for this to occur.
CPP: Gladly. First, it must be an emergency.
CP: Defined as?
CPP: The patient must be out of (a life-saving) medication. They must be unable to reach their prescriber. The prescriber's office must be closed. We are permitted to fill enough for the patient up to 1 month, but generally only enough to last the emergency period.
CP: Because if they were open, then they would logically be able to reach the prescriber and he/she would be able to fulfill the obligation of approving a new prescription refill.
CPP: Exactly.
CP: And they could reach the prescriber the next day since it's only Tuesday?
CPP: Yes. Why the rephresher?
CP: That phone call I just took.
CPP: Excellent. More role-playing. I'll be the plucky pharmacist.
CP: And I'll be the patient.

CPP: Hello, this is CP <snickers> How may I be of service?
CP <as the patient> I am out of refills.
CPPasCP: I am terribly sorry to hear this. Again, how may I be of service?
CPasPt: I just got off the phone with my office. They told me that I should call you, tell you when my appointment is and that you will give me enough medication to get me through to my appointment.
CPPasCP: That seems kinda backwards, does it not?
CPasPt: I didn't think that sounded right but thought I'd call since I have a great relationship with y'all.
CPPasCP: You were wise to come to us. Here is what I want you to do. Call back to the office and tell them you spoke with us. Tell them we made you an emergency appointment for 8:45 tomorrow morning so that you wouldn't have to wait 2 weeks to see them since that is ridiculous for such an urgent matter. Since they have bestowed so much power upon us, tell them their faith has been rewarded and you shall see them soon.
CPasPt: I like where you're going with this.
CPPasCP: And when they reply with "that's not how this works", kindly remind them that that's exactly what the pharmacists (both of them) said when you explained that we are supposed to use the emergency clause just because they don't want to be bothered to obey the state laws and call in a refill for you.
CPasPt: Will do. Thanks!

CPP: Such an awesome patient. You do realise we couldn't get away with that with all of our patients.
CP: I do. But just wait until you hear what office this was.
CPP: Really? I've explained this to them for 2 years now. They can't invoke "emergency fill" during normal business hours. It's not an emergency if they are actually IN the office and reachable.
CP: Right? As if we don't already do enough work for them . . . Hey, check the queue.
CPP: Seriously? That was quick.
CP: Must have gotten through to them a lot faster than we anticipated. And look! They wrote it wrong so we have to call them to phix it anyway.
CPP: Guess we should have written our own in the first place.
CP: Nah. Where's the #PharmacyPhun in that?

Another all-too-real-life story brought to you by CP; with special guest appearance by CPP.

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