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Friday, September 16, 2016

A Little Knowledge is a Bad Thing

Today's cast will include: CP, L'Intern D'Grande, A Supplicating Student, His GF, and a Dog.
Location: a pharmacy located near an institution of higher learning.

Some days I like to torture myself by getting out of my normal stores and visiting folks across the tracks. Okay, I like getting paid for OT, but I still am selective about where I work. On this day, I traveled almost an hour away to visit a college town pharmacy where my old intern had transferred. We had volleyed quite a bit of the usual banter back and forth like old times when the story of the day unfolded right before our eyes. We were in mild disbelief as we listened to the story.

LIDG: How may I help you?
ASS: My GF is visiting from out of town.
LIDG: Good for you. Not sure how you want me to help with that, but I get off work at 10 if you want to send her over.
ASS: Um...No. She left her antibiotics at home.
LIDG: Then definitely don't send her over.
ASS: Anyway, she lives a couple hours away and will have to go the weekend without them.
LIDG: Okay. And...?
ASS: Can't you give her a few to get her through the weekend?
LIDG: No. Unless...
ASS: Yes?
LIDG: ...unless you have a new prescription for them?
ASS: No.
LIDG: Then no.
ASS: So you're going to make her go all weekend without them?
LIDG: No. It kinda sounds like you are though.
ASS: "You realise you're responsible for promoting antibiotic resistance in her now, right?"
LIDG: Uh...No. She lives 2 hours away. It's Friday night. Drive there tomorrow. Drive back tomorrow. Problem solved. You should probably pick up her birth control while you're there.
ASS: She remembered that.
LIDG: Of course she did. Quick question before you sulk away.
ASS: What?
LIDG: What are you studying?
ASS: "I'm a 3rd year Med Student."
LIDG: Well that certainly explains everything. Remember to sign up for the class on how pharmacies and prescriptions work. I'm sure it's an elective, but you really need it.
CP: Impressive. Most impressive. Obi-Wan has taught you well.
LIDG: Poor little Husky is now a whipped puppy.
CP: Going to be a long, blue weekend for him.
LIDG: We can only hope that our life lesson today has taught him something he can't and won't learn in the classroom.
<laughter erupts and lasts until close>
CP: Good one!

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