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Wednesday, February 10, 2016


We are so accustomed to throwing around terms of which we no longer understand the definition. Today's example is the use of the term: "ER". Back in the good ole days, this was an abbreviation for the words "Emergency Room".
Emergency is defined as: A serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation often requiring immediate action: a medical condition requiring immediate treatment.
Problems fitting this description were taken to a special area of the hospital known conveniently as the "Emergency Room". Pretty self-explanatory, right?

Woefully Overwrought Woman: I need to find this product now!
CP: What seems to be the problem?
WOW: My son has this infection and the doctor told me I could buy it over the counter. They wouldn't even give me a prescription for it.
CP: Okay. Let me come out to show you what you need.
WOW: They said to get some type of cream, but did not tell me which one.
CP: Fine. What are we treating?
WOW: Ringworm.
CP: Uh-huh. Well I like Lamisil because the treatment period is shorter and the box is pretty shades of blue. How old is your son?
WOW: He's in his twenties.
CP: Got it. Well this is safe for a boy of his age. You may bring this to my register if you desire.
WOW: No. He needs it right now. Looks like we wasted an ER trip last night for nothing.
CP: You took him to the ER for this?
WOW: Yes! He said it really bothered him.
CP: When did this sudden, emergency infection afflict him?
WOW: He said he's had it for about 3 months now.
CP: I see. I see. Definitely a good thing to take him to the ER last night. I'm sure he couldn't have waited another 6 hours to be seen in his doctor's office. I really hope no real emergencies came through the EMERGENCY ROOM while he was occupying a bed with his horrible case of ringworm.
WOW: Well I never!
CP: Oh but you should have. A long time ago.

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