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Thursday, May 9, 2024

A Talking Horse

CPP: <calculating a dose>
Most Rude Encounter Dame: Hello?
CPP: <recalculating dose>
MR. ED: Excuse me. Hello?
CPP: <re-recalculating dose>
MR. ED: <moves to side to be more visible> Hello? 
CPP: <grabs Katana Spatula> WHAT?
MR. ED: Did I bother you?
CPP: Nope. Irritated. What do you need?
MR. ED: I was't sure you heard me. 
CPP: Once is enough. You hadn't even stepped to the counter initially when you started "hello! hello! hello!" let alone gave me a chance to answer. 
MR. ED: I wasn't sure anyone was back there. 
CPP: When was the last time you went to a pharmacy, or any business, and the gates were up, the lights were on, and it was closed? 
MR. ED: You didn't answer. 
CPP: First, you didn't give time for a response and second, believe it or not, I actually do other work than stand at the register waiting for people to purchase stupid shit at my counter. Like calculating doses for a child which I was doing but I guess you buying this bottle of gummy vitamins was so much more phucking important than this kid's medication so let's phocus on you. 
MR. ED: You don't have to be rude. 
CPP: The Golden Rule is NOT treat others the way YOU want to be treated; it's treat them the way THEY want to be treated. You set the tone. I'm matching it. 
MR. ED: <looks at Woman In Line Behind Unusually Restrained phor help> There's a register up front. That's what they get paid to do. Go there. 
WILBUR: <shrugs> Don't look at me. You were rude. 
CPP: Thank you. You acted like a toddler tugging on mommy's skirt pointing at candy and going "mommymommymommymommymommymommy" and have the nerve to complain that I am rude. Phuck off. 
MR. ED: <slinks away>
WILBUR: Gotta love the public. 
CPP: Pharmacy counters are way too open and people are way too rude. Give me vending machines to ring out the bags in will call and put them in a separate space of the pharmacy. 


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