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Thursday, February 8, 2024

Like, Why?

<helping another patient, watches Little Old Lady saunter up to front of counter>
CP: I'll be right with you. 
LOL: I just have a question. 
CP: And when it's just your turn I will just take the time to just answer it just phor you. 
LOL: <scoffs>
CP: What is your question?
LOL: Do you have Sweet Oil Drops?
CP: Yes. Aisle Seven, with the other ear drops. 
LOL: "You don't have it here?"
CP: Did I say I had it here? If I did have it here, why would I tell you where to find it, just answering your "just a question"? Would I not just turn around, procure it phrom behind where I am standing, and say "here ya go!"? 
LOL: <scoffs again>
UT: Well that was one way to give her her just desserts. 
CP: <snickers>

UT: Hi. CP's Cornucopia of Pastilles calling. Do you have new insurance?
Patient Ornery On Phone Yelling: I do not. 
UT: According to the insurance, you were terminated at the end of last month. 
POOPY: That can't be. 
UT: I would advise you to call them to help you sort it. 
POOPY: "I am definitely not terminated; I am still paying my premium!"
UT: Well that's between you and the insurance as they believe you to not have coverage. 
CP: That's the equivalent of "I watched him send it!". Sure you did. But did you ask him WHERE he sent it? Did they ask to WHICH insurance their premiums are going? 
UT: Silly rabbits. 

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