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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

What A Waste

ME: CP has that look. 
MICE ELF: Someone pissed in the morning Cheerios. 
ME: Something happened that defies logic; that CP just can't compute and I think shortwired the brain. 
MICE ELF: Well let's ask. 
ME: Nicely. 
ME + MICE ELF: CP? Are you okay? It's okay. You can tell us. 
CP: There is a reason other countries have looked at us over the last year, shaken their heads, and felt sorry for us. I could handle if they laughed at us, but they're sorry for us. 
ME + MICE ELF: Elaborate. 
CP: You saw how our Congressional representatives began receiving their COVID vaccines?
ME + MICE ELF: Right. To encourage their constituents to receive the vaccine. 
CP: Sure. But members who are not included in the first wave of qualification also received theirs. Feels as if they should set an example as well that they are healthy and should await their turns. 
ME: Good point. But there seems to be something else.
MICE ELF: Yes. Like the main point of this post. 
CP: I'm not administering the COVID vaccine. I don't have it. However, I have phriends who do have it and are working clinics for their respective pharmacies and here's a little story that I got to tell. . . 
Pfizer's vaccine is good out of its frozen state, in a refrigerator for up to 5 days. 
The clinics require there to be extra vaccine available. Just in case. 
IF the clinic does not use all of the vaccine, the extra can be returned to the fridge to live out the remainder of its 5 days. 
HOWEVER, if another clinic is not scheduled/held during that time, the vaccine is destroyed. 
ME + MICE ELF: Can the pharmacy staff administer it to their employees? Or their employees' families? Or first responders? Or anyone else in the 1A group?
CP: NO. They have been told it is against the law. 
ME: Aren't pharmacists and pharmacy staff and pharmacy store employees considered healthcare workers?
CP: No. 
MICE ELF: Wait. Hold up. You're telling me that the pharmacists administering the vaccines, or working in their pharmacies, waiting on potentially sick people all day, consulting with them in the aisles about how to treat their symptoms do not count as first-line healthcare workers; that they can't receive a vaccine that is in desperate need that is otherwise going to go to waste; and the government employees who don't qualify have already received their vaccine?
CP: Well, those administering the vaccines can get theirs at the end of the clinic, but only those staff who work the clinics can receive the vaccine. Not the rest of their staff still working the bench in the stores. 
ME: And someone in the government signed off on this? 
CP: If there was anything more American Governmental than wasting this precious commodity, I can't think of one. 
MICE ELF: I wonder if this is across the country? Across all states? *
CP: It shouldn't matter. Everyone should be pissed. There are reports of nurses that don't want it. I'm sure there is pharmacy staff who don't. But I do. Many of my pharmacy friends and staff do. If I can get it so it doesn't go to waste, why can't I? Why should I, as a healthcare worker not be allowed, be told it's against the law, to receive it? Why are these vaccines going to go to waste?

*Having checked as of the posting, it is not against any FEDERAL law. It may be state specific or local health department-specific. Check your local/state agencies and inquire about this. Do NOT let these shots go to waste!

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