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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Ask, And Ye Shall Receive ...

... exactly what you requested.
It's like the story of the djinn being really literal when granting wishes.
 -Wisher: I wish to be rich.
 -Djinn: Done. Your name is now "Rich".

CP: How may I help you today?
Sweet Little Old Woman: I need my sugar pills refilled.
CP: Which ones?
SLOW: My sugar pills.
CP: Thanks for the clarification. I'll be right back with them. Wait here.
<walks over to OTC shelf>
SLOW: What's this?
CP: Your sugar pills. Good Day!

SLOW: Well can you give me my husband's medication?
CP: I can give it a go. What's he need?
SLOW: His high blood pressure medication.
CP: Does he have a prescription for it?
SLOW: <bewildered look on face> He needs a prescription for it?
CP: Yes. All blood pressure medications require a prescription.
SLOW: Our last pharmacy did not.
CP: Perhaps you should call him to verify what he needs.
SLOW: <steps back from counter, makes call, back and forth yelling ensues, storms to shelf then turns her ire on me> You're an idiot!
CP: Thanks.
SLOW: <brandishing a box of Coricidin HBP like an argument-winning hand grenade> It's right here on your shelf. You don't need a prescription for it.
CP: Well it's an OTC cold product so there's that. It says "HBP" so gullible people will purchase a worthless product simply by following a marketing gimmick. It keeps you from asking a pharmacist any questions. But I'd guess discussions with you are a rather one-way highway.
SLOW: But it says High Blood Pressure right here!
CP: Right. Not to treat HBP, but to treat sinus symptoms without raising your HBP.
SLOW: It's for his HBP. It says so right here!
CP: Okay. Good luck with that. Want me to ring that out with your sugar pills?

I sometimes wish to go back to school and major in Sociology. I wouldn't even need to do field research. My pharmacy experiences would suffice as a study in human behaviour.

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