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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Conversation About Nothing

Irritating Male Patient Adds Lots Extra: Did my doctor call in my prescription? 
CP: Yes. 
IMPALE: Was it Amlodipine? 
CP: Yes. 
IMPALE: Is it ready? 
CP: Yes. 
IMPALE: How much is it? 
CP: $0.00. 
Now, this should have been the end of the conversation. All of the finer, important points had been established and there is nothing else I can provide. As you can guess, there is much much more to this story, unfortunately...
IMPALE: Here's what happened: My doctor, well, really, my nurse practitioner, took a sabbatical and isn't in the office and my old mail order company closed so I needed a new prescription and someone else in the office had to send it in on his behalf to the new company and they sent my other 3 prescriptions there but somehow forgot this one and since the company changed I was afraid I'd run out with the holiday and all so I had them call it in to you. 
CP: Ok. You do know you can get it for the same $0 copay here without dealing with holiday issues such as this, right? 
IMPALE: Yeah, but I prefer mail order. They've always been so convenient for me. 
CP: Except today, on the Holiday weekend. 
IMPALE: Well...
CP: Today is Saturday and we are open until 7 tonight. When would you like to come in for your ever-such-an-emergency prescription that has been here since Friday? 
IMPALE: Oh, I should be there some time on Tuesday. 
CP: Thank you for using mail order. 

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