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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dress Code

There must be some sartorial standard patients everywhere just seem to understand. I've never seen an official dress code anywhere, but maybe I'm not on the right mailing list or I don't belong to the right groups. I know I shouldn't be, but I still get surprised at the way people dress when they know they are coming to the pharmacy for flu shots. It's not as if they were in the checkout line, reading the covers of the magazines, and the impulse to buy a pack of gum, batteries, and a flu shot struck them. These are people who planned on coming in for a flu shot.

Women over 60yo--Sweatshirt. Period. Bra optional.
"Sorry. Guess I'm going to have to take it off."

Women 20s to 40s--Under Armour, long sleeve running shirt, skin tight. Vest.
<slides the sleeve up to expose her wrist tattoo> "Is this far enough?"

Men 20s to 50s--Long Sleeve or Business Dress Shirts.
<rolls up sleeve to elbow> "Is this far enough?"

Winter Weather Waiters--Long sleeve T-shirt. Long sleeve top. Sweatshirt. Jacket. Vest. Scarf.
<stretches down neck of tops to expose 1/4" of collarbone> "Will this work?" (Only for a vampire.)

Look, I'm going to have to stick my needle in you. There's only one place it can go. This is like getting ready to have sex by only taking off one sock.



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  2. There are alternative and superior sites for IM injections other than deltoids. You should consider the dorsogluteal site or if that's to embarrassing go for the vastus lateralis. Use your imagination and have fun. My last post even explains how to nail the dorsogluteal site with the patient elevated above his bed. You youngsters lack imagination.

  3. Really? When I go for a flu shot I wear a tank top covered by a cardigan.