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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Expectation vs. Reality--Redux

When do you eat dinner?  Let us suppose you make dinner reservations at a lovely bistro where they open for dinner at 5pm.  At what time do you arrive?  At what time will you have eaten?  Expectation-5pm.  Reality, depending on aperitifs and dessert and all that comes in between, 6 or 7?
Now how in the hell are you going segue this into the real world of retail pharmacy, Mr. Cynic?  Watch carefully as those creative writing classes bear fruit.  Please pause here to reread "Refill Too Soon", I'll wait.  Welcome back.  Continue.

A fine upstanding customer, usually on some type of controlled medication is told it is too soon to be filled until some day in the future.  On that bright, sunny morning, the birds are singing, the sky is clear, and a car is parked at my drive-thru.  The time: 08:35 am  Pharmacy opens at 09:00am.  As the work day dawns and the gates rise and the curtain at drive-thru lifts, the first customer of the day asks for his prescription and, after a lot of searching, is told it is not ready.  This angers Mr. First-customer-of-the-day, he who has been in line all alone for 25 minutes.  "But I was told it was too soon until today.  Why isn't it ready?"
Well, see sir, we just opened, literally.  The restaurant doesn't prepare your food before you arrive to order it and I don't process prescriptions before I arrive at my store.  Unfortunately, we had tried to train little gnomes to sneak in at night and process that day's refills between 3am and 7am, but they were not reliable.  They kept leaving little presents for us in the bottles and ate all our donuts.  Don't even get me started on what we found in the coffee pot.  Therefore, since I cannot fill anything, as in do any work until I am physically in my store and we are actually open, you need to wait.  About 20 minutes ought to do it.
Hey, what time did you wake up today to be here so early?  I see.  Did you eat breakfast before or after that?

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