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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where is it?

Why do people carry wallets and purses? Men and women keep their money, license, credit cards, insurance cards, etc. in their wallets. Women have purses to carry their overstuffed wallets and just about anything any other person would need in the case of an emergency. For what reason should you ever be without your insurance card? (Okay, forgetting to put it IN your wallet, but there I go expecting logic and reason out of the general public...)

How do people manage to shop a store for an hour only to get in line and realize "I forgot my wallet"?

Do people get pulled over for speeding and tell the officer "I left my ID at home"?

Very rare are the instances when I would get in my car and not need something that would be housed in my wallet.
Why do pharmacies not require that a photo ID AND insurance card be presented with all prescriptions when they are dropped off to us? (It is harder with e-scripts, phone-ins and faxes. I get that.) My doctor's office left a message confirming my appointment and 4 times during the 30-second reminder call, they said "you must bring your ID and insurance card with you or you will not be seen".

Pharmacies need to implement this policy. In a prescriber's office, there is no "I'll bring it back with me when I come to pick it up" because you're not actually leaving. Besides, we do all the billing BEFORE finalizing your prescription. It doesn't go into the will call bag/drawer/bin without a copay on it.

I was kept 15 minutes late Sunday night and still lost a prescription due to Herr Douchebag's ineptitude. First he forgot the insurance when he dropped off the prescription at 10:37 (saying he would return around noon). Then he forgot his wallet with his credit card, but had the insurance, when he returned at 4:07. Then he returned at 4:58 only to get to the front of the line at 5:07 (we close at 5pm) with an expired credit card. When we told him we could not take his new credit card over the phone from someone on the other end of his cell (the cell he was on every time he was in our store), he asked for the prescription back so he could take it to a competitor who was open later. Prescription was written last month.
End result: I filled a prescription, had to rebill a prescription, had to waste time for his 3 trips through my pickup line, then had to cancel the filled prescription so he could take it elsewhere. I need to be able to bill him for this...

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  1. How bout the ones who present a state ID that is obviously NOT a drivers license which they lost for life for DUIs and you see them drive off in their car after picking up their rx, better yet in the drive thru and been doing it for years without getting pulled over by the cops.