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Friday, November 15, 2013

Irrational Entitlement Issues

Back in the day when there were more independents, many customers asked and expected corporations to match their prices. That was fine. Then the independents sold out to the MAN and in order to retain their customers and make them happy, pharmacies honored the price matching for them. However, it's been eleven years since they closed. I'm sorry but I can no longer match a price to a place that is now a parking lot. (Actually happened last year.) I'm sure if they were still in business, their prices would have climbed as well. Generic Percocet 7.5/325 from Mallinckrodt raised their price by over 300% recently. I'm not going to eat that.

Why do people insist on getting something they really have no right to receive? Here is my most recent, finest example:
A pharmacy was offering free antibiotics and other incentives to buy, sorry, "generate", customer traffic and patients for its pharmacy. I got into a discussion with a lady about their program after it ended.

CP: How may I help you?
Entitled Lady: I'd like this prescription filled.
CP: Ok.
EL: It's free, right?
CP: No.
EL: It says antibiotics are free.
CP: Not here. And over there, the program ended a few months ago.
EL: Well that's not fair. Pharmacies advertise them as free and I want them free.
CP: Again, not here. You are welcome to ask them, but as I already stated, the scam, sorry, "welcome offer", ended some time ago.
EL: I don't care. I wasn't sick at all when they had that and I didn't get to take advantage of it. Now I'm sick and I want free antibiotics!
CP: I feel your pain. It's just my luck I didn't start driving while gas cost less than $0.50 a gallon. I wonder if BP would allow me to take advantage of that now? I'll accuse them of ageism if they don't accede to my demands. I wish I could get coffee for less than $0.50 a pound, milk for less than $0.50 a gallon, and eggs for less than $0.40 a dozen like this is the 1920's. I wish the Black Friday deals were offered every day since I have to work and can't take advantage of the sales. Alas, such is life in 2013: where people are rude and expect everything to be given to them and prescriptions cost money and gas prices hover around $3. "Gobble gobble goo and gobble gobble gickel. I wish turkey only cost a nickel."

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  1. Why does the "a business needs to make a profit to stay in business" fact seem to escape people?