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Monday, November 11, 2013


If you want to know where a person's priorities lie, ask if they have pets. If they do, stalk them on Facebook and you'll see lots of awesome memes, videos, pictures, and stories about their furry little babies. This is not about pets, pet lovers in general, or anything to do with animals at all. The reason I draw your attention to people with animals is to illustrate a problem. I am about to ask you two questions. Pharmacists, especially, will know where I am going with this before they read the second question. My point today, while slightly humorous, is intended to get everyone to think a little differently. To prioritize a little differently. Again, this is simply an example to help people understand where priorities often are placed.

My first question today, to all the pet people, is "Where are your pets' vaccination records?" Everyone will be able to tell you exactly where they are and often have them committed to memory.
(This works just about as well for those with children, but it is more poignant with pets. See question #2.)

My second question today, to everyone, is "Where are YOUR vaccination records?"

When I taught immunization classes, this was a favourite example of mine to illustrate how poorly we take care of our own health. This example is the perfect complement to the questions and statements we hear every day:

No. I don't know what it's for. I just take it every morning.
I know it's the blue one for something and the yellow for something else.
My doctor said I'd be on this until I die but I don't know why I am taking it.
It's not my job to know my insurance, that's your job.
What do you mean you can't just hand me a bottle of Lantus to get me through the holiday weekend when I have no refills and my doctor is also on vacation?

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