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Friday, November 22, 2013

Look Before You Call...

If I've lost or misplaced something, I shall attempt to find it on my own, retracing my steps, until calling someone to waste their time bringing them into my search.
Why do people not look before they call? Why do people instantly get their feathers ruffled before I even pick up the phone to help them solve their problem? I never thought of the pharmacy as a place that was out to get people. Why the accusatory tone when calling me? I have way more instances where I "found" people's cards/rx's/bottles/etc. in their houses and cars than I do cases where we forgot to give it to them.

Average Customer: Hey, you didn't give me one of my prescriptions. I paid for it and everything. I drove all the home, a whole 1.5 miles, and now I have to come back!
CP: Yes sir it is still down here. Fortunately for you a fine upstanding citizen took it out of the shopping cart/basket you left it in and brought it to our counter. We were just about to call you.
AC: Somehow it's still your fault!
CP: And yet you still have to come here to retrieve it. I'll be waiting for you to slink back for that, along with your dignity...

True Story: I just left there and can't find one of my bottles.
CP: We sold you 3 bottles. They were in the bag before I stapled it shut.
TS: Well I opened the bag to take one and I jammed on the brakes and they went flying. Maybe it's in my car.
CP: Sure, I can wait all day while you check that.
TS: Yep. Here they are. Under the passenger seat.
CP: You realize I have to bill you for this? It's the new Consulting/Finder's Fee. If attorneys can do it...

Old Lady: Happy Monday. I just left my doctor and he gave me 2 eye drop prescriptions. I ran out.
CP: I tried to fill them but they are too soon. Do you get them from mail order?
OL: No. My one bottle is empty and the other is still good. But I need these today.
CP: Have you ever used another pharmacy?
OL: No. I come here all the time. Try them again.
CP: Sorry, they are still too soon. Do you get prescriptions anywhere else?
OL: No. But I send away for them though.
CP: <smh> Um. Silly question. Do they "mail" your drops to you?
OL: Yes.
CP: Okay. That's mail order. Have you recently received any eye drops from them?
OL: Well I got 2 packages from the company delivered to me on Friday but I haven't opened them yet to see what's inside.
CP: Okay. That'll be $25 for the wasted billing time.

Every Customer: You forgot to give me my insurance card back.
CP: I handed it back to you after I scanned it into our computer while I was rebilling it. I watched you put it in your wallet.
EC: Oh. I didn't look there...Yep. Here it is. <click>

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