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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lice Lice Baby

Yo, R. I. D., let's kick it.

Lice Lice Baby, Lice Lice Baby

All right stop, irritate and scratchin'
Lice is back and it needs some attention
Nits are stuck on the hair so tightly
Can't go to school the nits are unsightly
Will the itching' stop? Damn, I hope so
Stay away from the mayo.
Rakin' the scalp with an itch I can't handle
Gas and a match will burn parasites like a candle

Fwoomp! Shoulda used clippers instead.
Bear can't hide in the trees if there ain't no wood.
Pickin', so hard I broke the comb's handle
Nits attachin' to my roots like a vandal
Head-to-head contact, it's just frowned upon
Parents don't want us kids to get along

Just for this problem Nix will solve it
If that don't work maybe Rid may resolve it.

Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head
Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head

Now the parasites are lurkin'
Resistance is growing and OTC's not workin'
Get to the doctor, to the doctor, for savin'
Scripts are good for lice that's misbehavin'
Treating patients with malathion
Natroba is newer to rely on
Used to use Lindane or a product called Kwell
Robi-comb and LiceMD are new, that's swell
Smilin' for school photos
The girlies sharing combs, teachers screamin' "Hell No!"
Did they stop? No, kept brushin' tho.
Helmets and hats we say don't share 'em
Now they're planning sleepovers and we say forget 'em
Keep lice from spreadin'
So we continue to use coco-nut oil.

Killing all the eggs off is a challenge
Ovicidal meds they just can't manage
Seven days to repeat doses
Pediculicide's no better
Mom's got the comb and Dad's got the razor
Aiming for bugs starting to crawl
Parents freakin' out they got 4 more kids in the hall
Wailing poured out like a banshee
Kids off running, never knew man she
Broke all the windows neighbours heard
Cursing comin' out my mouth real loud
Drew the police, then a small crowd
Parents and children, thankful it's not them
Of scratching and itching now dealing with this problem
Mention lice in passing, everyone scratchin'
Hands to their heads in reflexive action.

Just for this problem Nix will solve it
If that don't work maybe Rid may resolve it.

Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head
Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head Lice Lice Baby, Time for Head
Lice Lice Baby.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

We're All Busy

If you don't want to argue with me, then don't argue. Prefacing your argument with "I don't want to argue" does not absolve you of the penalty for arguing. In this case, instead of arguing, you could learn a thing or two if you would just listen, then process what I'm saying, then acknowledge that you understand. Of course you could argue, but that will end poorly . . . for you.

I Don't Want To Argue But Here I Am Arguing: I would like to have this filled.
CP: I would like to fill this for you. 
IDWTABHIAA: We usually use another of your phine establishments. 
CP: I see that. I also see that this is too soon to fill by 3 days. 
IDWTABHIAA: Why is that? 
CP: We fill all control medications exactly one day early here. Since it was filled last 26 days ago, it is 4 days too soon. As we fill everything 1 day early, you have 3 more days. 
IDWTABHIAA: It's just for Ritalin. 
CP: You should read my post about the word "just" from last week. Anyway, it's just too soon. 
IDWTABHIAA: <Taps finger on prescription> But the doctor wrote the date on there. 
CP: Yes. She wrote "A" date on there. It's called the <taps finger on prescription> "earliest fill date" which means that is the earliest date on which I CAN fill it. It's like a Speed Limit sign. You can drive UP TO the posted speed, but over that is bad. I can fill it any day ON OR AFTER the date written, but before that is bad. And, like a speed limit sign, it's more of a suggestion. 
IDWTABHIAA: So you're refusing to fill it even with that date on there? 
CP: Pretty much. Yeah. 
CP: I already told you. We fill all controls exactly one day early (there are always exceptions) and this is 4 days early. The date she wrote on the prescription is irrelevant. This prescription was written a couple months ago. Since you did not fill the other prescriptions in a timely manner, the due date of this one has become delayed. 
IDWTABHIAA: Your job is to fill it with that date on there. 
CP: No. The date is immaterial. Your doctor can write anything she wants on the prescription. It is not a direct order from Jean-Luc Picard, "Make it so", that I have to obey. There are laws and governing bodies to which I owe my allegiance. 
IDWTABHIAA: Now I have to make two trips. 
CP: Actually, you only have to make 1 more. 
IDWTABHIAA: I barely have time to make even one trip. 
CP: Yeah. We're all busy.