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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I realize there are out-of-stock issues. They happen. Sometimes it's a manufacturing problem. Sometimes it's an ordering problem. Sometimes, it's a popularity thing. I cannot predict that all my patients who used to get 30 days of their medications will all come in today with new prescriptions for 90 days. It happens. We have to adjust our order points. Inventory is fluid, especially subject to change with the seasons (Pharmacy Winter, Flu Season, and Pharmacy Summer).

CP: I'm sorry but we do not have enough to fill this today. We will have the rest in tomorrow. I can give you a few today to get started or you can come back tomorrow and receive the full prescription in one trip.
Miffed Father: You mean I gotta come back?
CP: Unfortunately, yes. We've had quite the run on this today.
MF: But I always get this here.
CP: And you always got 30 days. This new prescription is for 90 days. We have enough to cover 30 days.
MF: So you don't know how to order?
CP: I do...For you to get 30 days. Besides, you've had this prescription for more than 2 months. Why did you wait until now?
MF: I didn't need it then.
CP: I may have had it then.
MF: Probably not.
CP: You're right. But I don't have it now either so there you go. You should have waited one more day.
MF: Would you have had it then?
CP: Probably not. But we'll never know, will we? Let's play pretend. I'll pretend you dropped this off with the intention of picking it up tomorrow.
MF: And what do I do?
CP: You come back tomorrow. Guess what will happen?
MF: What?
CP: Your prescription will be ready with the full 90 day quantity inside. I'll even bump up my inventory to accommodate your future refills. Better yet, we will sign you up for our SERF program.
MF: SERF? Like the feudal laborer?
CP: That's the basis for the acronym: Super Easy Rx Filling, SERF. It works for you. You are the lord of your own refills. Simply sign up and the system fills your prescriptions, calls your doctor for refills, calls you to remind you to come get them, and in phuture upgrades, will eventually take your medications for you. This way we can ensure we will always be in stock.
MF: You're kidding, right?
CP: Only a little. But it's up to you to figure it out. See you tomorrow...

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