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Friday, November 8, 2013

Doctor Don't Tell Me What to Do!

Take this to your doctor...
Dear Doctor,

Why? If you know something will not be covered, why prescribe it?
When did it become MY responsibility to call you?
If you are going to hand this to a patient, it had better have your home phone number on it so we can call you. If the patient comes to my pharmacy at 7:15 pm, the night before the procedure you better make damn sure you can fix his prescription. In what illogical, backwards world do you live where you think this is how the healthcare world works? Tell you what we're going to do. I will call and find the alternative. I will tell you exactly what to prescribe. I will then bill you the full cost of the first prescription you wrote; you know, to cover my costs. Every time I see one of these letters, you get a bill. Each minute I spend on the phone on hold with the insurance or a member of your staff, will be billed my hourly rate.
Seriously...where in the world do you think this is at all acceptable? You better be certain you answer the phone when I call. Better yet, print your home address on these so I can send the pissed off patients to your house for the new prescription. I didn't go to school to be your bitch.

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