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Thursday, November 21, 2013

A little information goes a long way...

...or does it?
A little knowledge is a bad thing. Think about those people you know who know just enough to make them dangerous. They're called general practitioners...(Just kidding. I meant Nurse Practitioners. JK, again...) They are your friends, or FB friends, who know a little about everything and are always the first to tell you how much they know.
Pharmacists know a lot. We do. Just look at the faith our patients have in us.
Real questions from real patients (NOT actors...)
1. "I read that red wine is good for my heart. What kind do you recommend?"
(Sorry, I've watched the awesome movies Som and Bottle Shock and I consider myself an oenophile only by the fact that I drink wine annually in Niagara, but I am far from qualified to help your heart.)

2. "I heard that ladies find bushy eyebrows to be attractive. Do you think I could use Rogaine above my eyes to thicken them? Can you research that in your spare time?"
(Yep. My spare time. So you can be a hit with the ladies at bingo night. Tell them you just took your Viagra 45 minutes ago and their motors will be revving.)

3. "I have to wait for my prescription and I need to know how long it'll take, but I want to know if I'll be okay. The signs out front said 'No Parking' and I figure I'm okay since I parked between the 2 signs. What do you think?"
(I think I'm going to call the cops. You'd better move your car. Don't worry. The prescription won't be ready for about 20 minutes so you've got time.)

Sometimes, to prove my earlier point, a little knowledge is definitely a dangerous thing. I would not have believed this one had I not been there to bear full witness...

4. Lovely Elderly Couple: Do you have this OTC product?
CP's Partner: What's it called?
LEC: Not sure.
CPP: What's it for?
LEC: Diverticulitis.
CPP: Anything else you can tell me?
LEC: It's either a capsule or a liquid.
CPP: Please allow me to show you what we carry that may fit the bill.
LEC: Nah. That's not it. You don't know what we're talking about. We're going to "Place That Knows Gibberish"
CPP: Good Luck!
LEC: Nyah!
CPP: They were pleasant.
CP: As I always say, a little knowledge is dangerous. Especially for us...

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