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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Double Standard

I had an appointment. I was late. I missed it. I called them and told them my test at the hospital took longer than expected. (When I arrived they told me they were already behind 30 minutes. I still had a window of opportunity to make my appointment on time.) As I said before, I called my doctor as I was leaving the hospital and explained what happened. This is what followed:

Office Lady: I just sent you a letter.
CP: Huh?
OL: You no-showed your appointment so I just put a letter in the mail.
CP: I'm not even 40 minutes past the appointment time. You mean to tell me that you typed, signed, enveloped, stamped, and mailed me a warning letter about no-showing my appointment? Already?
OL: Yes. But you called so you can ignore it. I can reschedule your follow up for tomorrow.
CP: Okay. I'm going to hold my doctor to the same standards tomorrow.
OL: Huh?

<Fast forward to tomorrow when I arrive 5 minutes before my scheduled appointment time.>
I set my timer and stopped it at the 23 minute mark when the nurse took me to the room.
After her 3 minute vital check and Q&A session, I restarted my timer.
I stopped it again at the 23 minute mark when the doctor entered the room.

CP: You do realize that by now I would have a letter with my name on it threatening to kick me out of your practice for being 40 minutes late? You are 49 minutes late. What's your excuse?
Dr. Zoffis: Sick people, longer appointments, scheduling, blah blah blah.
CP: Whatever. Don't threaten me again. I have yet to be seen within 20 minutes of my scheduled appointment time since I've been coming to this office and your staff has the temerity to send me a letter within 40 minutes of a no-show? When you scheduled me for a test at the hospital and the follow up here? You'll be getting my letter next month discharging you as my doctor. It will include the new office to which you will send my files.

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