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Monday, August 29, 2016


I received the following prescription, along with the accompanying old joke, from a pharmacist last week.

I got a kick out of this Rx yesterday. One gallon?? What is that, 128 tubes?? Kind of reminds me of the old joke where the patient is having an exam by her GYN. Patient: How does it look Doc? GYN: WOW, that is the largest vagina I have ever seen,,,WOW, that is the largest vagina I have ever seen,,, Patient: Well, you did not have to say it twice. GYN: I didn't.

As a phan of alliteration, I felt it was up to me and L'Intern d'Grande to develop new euphemisms for the vagina that could hold a gallon.

We started with the obvious: Cavernous Choach, Gargantuan Garage, Conception Canyon, and Voluminous Vagina but decided that 3 words might best fit the task at hand. And it got worse...
Behemoth Baby Baker?
Humungous Human Heaver?
Spacious Sapiens Shooter?

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