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Friday, August 19, 2016

What (Not) To Say During Flu Shot Season

1. CP: How'd it go? 
    CPP: I boned the flu shot lady. 
    CP: You did what? 
    CPP: That sounded bad. I hit bone.

2. Don't tense up while I pull out. 
3. I didn't expect to get so deep. 
4. Just relax, it goes in easy. 
5. Oh God! Is it in? 

6. Pt: Well that was quick. I didn't feel a thing. 
    CP: That's what she always says. 

7. Time to play a little of the in-out, in-out.  
8. CP: Ok. You're going to feel a little prick. 
    Pt: That's what my last boyfriend said too. 

9. Just stick around for about 15 minutes ... I'll make you breakfast. 

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