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Friday, August 5, 2016

Pharmacy Phantasy

It's that time of year, the time when everyone starts researching players for their Fantasy Football Drafts. As I prepare my own teams, it occurred to me that we are missing an in-store opportunity here.
What about Phantasy Pharmacy? 
What about drafting patients? 
Each store would be its own league made up of pharmacists, interns, and technicians. 

Points would be awarded in the following categories: 

1. Phone Calls  = 1
2. In-Store Visits  = 2
3. New Prescriptions Filled
    1 Rx = 1
    2 Rx = 2
    3 Rx = 3
    4 Rx = 4
    5 Rx = 5
    6 Rx = 7
    +2 for each Rx filled thereafter

4. Prescriptions Refilled = 1
5. Prescriptions Returned to Stock = -1 / Rx up to 5 then points reduced per New Rx Filled scale
6. Personal Calls (from patients requesting a specific employee) = 2
7. Complaints to the 1-800# (negative points) = -3
8. Compliments to the 1-800# (positive points) = 3
9. Insurance Changes = 2
10. Manufacturer/Discount Cards presented = 2
     (positive for presentation at drop-off, negative for presentation at pick up)
11. Vaccines Received (bonus points if more than 2 administered in one visit)
     Flu=1, Pneumo=1, Shingles=2, Hep A or B=3, TDaP=3, MMR=4, Meningococcal=5, HPV=5
12. Enrolled in your Med Sync Program = 10
13. Removed from your Med Sync Program = -10 
14. Transfers In = 1.5 / Rx
15. Transfers Out = -1.5 / Rx

Obviously, some weeks you would do better with certain patients. The first of the month is a good time for the high volume refillers. A month with 5 Mondays or Fridays or weekends would help in some categories as well. 

We could play the game head-to-head one week at a time for a full season or we could draft every month or two and have a winner-take-all at the end of the year. 

We would make available each patient's statistics and post them to the mock draft board. 
Jane Smith leads the store in phone calls per day while only filling two prescriptions regularly. However, she is seeing a new prescriber. 
John Smith is never happy when he visits and he only calls when he needs his Viagra refilled. However, he must have found a new girlfriend because he is in our store 3 times a week buying one tablet at a time and he always calls first. 
Jacqueline Smith leads the store in 1-800# complaints and gift cards received. She also finished last season third in the company and is seeking to move up to a CC1 (Chief Complainer #1). 

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