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Monday, August 15, 2016


Drop-off window.
A patient.
A prescription. 
A basket. 
A question.

Prioritization is key. Some people excel at it. Others, not so much. (Think about dropping off your prescription BEFORE putting ice cream in your cart. Just saying.)

Basket Lady Presenting Rx: I am here to drop off this prescription. 
CP: Swell. Would you like us to fill it too? 
BLPR: That would be most ideal. 
CP: Will you be waiting for us to fill it? I noticed you have a basket and it is empty. 
BLPR: As it is empty, your observation is most correct for I do intend to shop while you prepare it. 
CP: Lovely. 
BLPR: For my reference, how long will it take? 
CP: Approximately 11 minutes. 
BLPR: Delightful. 
CP: Oh. While we were talking, it appears they have already managed to bill your insurance for it. 
BLPR: Oh my. That was fast. 
CP: <That's what she said> Yes. We are on the ball today. It will be yours for the low low price of two whole dollars!
BLPR: Oh. Really? 
CP: Yes. I can make it more if you like. 
BLPR: No. It's not that. I will have to come back. I don't have $2.00. 
CP: But you're going shopping. You have a basket. It is empty. You said you were going to buy stuff. You're not on Medicaid so you can't be using a SNAP card. How, pray tell, do you intend to pay for the sundries?
BLPR: Never you mind. Just know I shall return.
CP: Of that I have no doubt. 

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