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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Subway Treatment

I say pharmacy should just go all out with their removal of the profession of pharmacy from the actual practice of pharmacy. Let's become even more marginalized and transparent. Let's become Subway.
At Subway, no one cares if the lines to order food snake out the door. They can clearly see and hear the entire process. In pharmacy, while they can view the whole process, it is from a distance which leads to a misinterpretation of what we are actually doing. No one is close enough to truly SEE the process. Let's change that. It'll work like this:

Place Order Here: Present your prescription to the first technician. He will input your "order" into the computer. He will grab an appropriate-sized vial and place it on a tray so you can identify with it as your own down the entire line.
Second Station: Second Technician will make any necessary changes to your order. He will call your doctor to clarify the incomplete or illegible order. He will do this right in front of you so you can hear them say "Oops. Must have been a computer error."
Third Station: Third technician will fix your insurance and billing information right here. She will call your insurance right in front of you so you can hear the complete conversation and understand why your copay is so high; why your deductible is so high; why this needs prior authorization.
Fill Station: This is where they will select the pills and count by fives right before your very eyes. Prepare to be dazzled as they deftly maneuver your little capsules with a shiny spatula on the tray before you.
Wrapping: You get to watch up close as the professional label slapper expertly rolls your freshly printed label clearly, neatly, and straightly around your circular bottle. (Tips and applause are welcome.)
Checkout: Pay up. Simple. No arguing, fussing, fighting, or cursing allowed. No whining that the Subway across town is independently owned and operated and they only charge blah blah blah...
Extras: Those a la carte, impulse buys of a bag of chips and a cookie can now be purchased. Here they are called Pharmacist Consult. As these items are not free, but do complete your meal, neither is her advice free. So make it a meal and have a chat. Enjoy your prescription and get to know your pharmacist here at Subway Pharmacy.

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