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Monday, March 27, 2017

Time ...

... is on my side.
... is of the essence.
... flies when you're having fun.
... and tide wait for no man.
... has come today.

Don't waste mine and I won't waste yours.

The time, 09:53.
The place, Pharmacy.
The day, hard and cold like nipples on Hoth.

CP: Morning!
Irascible Dame Getting All Flustered: What's good about it?
CP: Nothing. I was simply stating it was morning. Note I did not preface my morning with good. Go back and reread it.
IDGAF: Whatever. I need to call in a refill.
CP: Certainly. Refills keep us in business. Gotta love the repeat business they provide. And looking forward to follow up encounters with those who fill them.
IDGAF: I need it today. I tried the machine but it told me it wouldn't be ready until tomorrow.
CP: I can do that today for you. When would you like to come in for it?
IDGAF: It doesn't matter to me. As long as it's today.
CP: No problem-o. It shall be done today. Give me until 12 noon and it will be ready for you.
IDGAF: Really? That long?
CP: First, you did tell me "it doesn't matter" what time. Second, noon works for me since it's only 2 hours away and I have lots of other prescriptions that are waiting and my next tech comes in at 11. So, in short, yes, really.
IDGAF: I was coming down to buy stuff for lunch shortly.
CP: Okay. I'll play along. Why didn't you just say "I'll be at the store in 30 minutes for some shopping. Would it be possible to have it ready by then?" to which I would have replied "most likely, as long as you pick this up after your basket is full and not as soon as you enter the building". Besides, I eat lunch at 3pm so 12 noon seems like a logical time for me to think about food.
IDGAF: Whatever.
CP: Let's try this again. When would you like to come for your prescription?
IDGAF: Dunno.
CP: Really? I'll make it easy for you. See you after 10:29.
IDGAF: Fine.
CP: Yes, I ... Forgot It's Never Enough

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