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Friday, March 17, 2017

Prescriptions Take Time

Like a good wine, prescriptions take time. You cannot rush the process.
CP: Hello kind sir. How may I help you?
GS: I am here to pick up my prescription.
CP: I apologise but I have nothing ready for you.
GS: I am out.
CP: Okay. Was your prescriber to call us? Was it a refill you ordered?
GS: I called my doctor and told them I needed a refill.
CP: That's a good start. When did you ring them?
GS: This morning.
CP: It is currently 10:15am. When did you phone?
GS: About half an hour ago. I need it now.
CP: I see. Thirty minutes is the perfect amount of time to wait for a pizza. Ten to fifteen is perfect for Chinese food. But prescriptions ... need a little time to mature.
GS: What am I going to do?
CP: Did you have your dose today?
GS: Yes. But winter is coming.
CP: Indeed it has come. Spring is actually next on the calendar but there is a day of snow in the forecast.
GS: Can't you just give me some?
CP: Well, seeing as how it's Tuesday AND you contacted the office AND it's only 10:20am AND the office is open AND you've taken your dose for the day ... I cannot. These are all the boxes I must check as "NO" before invoking the emergency powers issued me by the state to write and dispense medication to you. I am sure if you check back later we may have something. Perhaps call before you leave the house?
GS: I guess he just wants me to stop taking my medication for a few days.
CP: Not sure how you can infer that about your prescriber. I am fairly certain you are not his only patient much like you are not mine. Either way, there is a good likelihood he shall send something over before they close. We are open until 10pm so there is still plenty of time. We can call when we receive it.
GS: Fine. I guess I will stop taking them for a few days and see what happens.
CP: Pretty sure that's not what I said. Are you and I even having the same conversation?

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