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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You Misunderstand My Business

We are in the business of making money. Yes, it's healthcare. However, if you're not making money, you're not surviving. With that in mind, I sometimes, okay, daily, wonder what people think our job actually is.

Accuses Me Of Essentially Being A Liar: I'm here to pick up my prescription.
CP: Let me check to make sure we have it.
AMOEBAL: You should. (This is followed by any or all of the following):
1. I watched him send it.
2. I just left the office.
3. "They" called me and told me it was here.
4. "Someone" called and said "they" sent it.
CP: Unfortunately, whoever "they" are were mistaken. We do not have any prescriptions for you.
AMOEBAL: I know it's here.
CP: I don't know who your inside source is, but you have received bad intel. We do not have any prescriptions for you.
AMOEBAL: You're lying to me!
CP: Okay. Let's examine this for a minute. I get paid to FILL prescriptions; not to NOT fill them. Therefore it is in my best interest to fill as many as I can. The more I fill, the more money I make. Get it? It's not as if there's some little 20's mobster with a Tommy Gun, or Henry Hill himself, standing in front of my pharmacy counter handing out $100s to throw away your prescription. "Psst. Don't fill the next prescription you get." Capisce? Now our friend, Luca Brasi, will escort you to your car.


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