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Monday, January 11, 2016

The Truth Shall Set You Free

I do not suffer ignorance gladly at my pharmacy. This is especially true when the ignorance of others is directed towards me or my staff. Just because you're an intolerable git does not mean I have to listen to you abuse my staff. This person learned that lesson. 

Intern Extraordinaire: I just need to put your new information in the computer. 
Patient Lacking Usual Manners Probably: All I want is a price. 
IE: Today is the first of the month and the first of the year. Our system is running a little slow. 
PLUMP: <sighs loudly> 

...meanwhile, 2 feet away, CP is entering new information for another regular ole patient.
ROP: Busy today, I see. 
CP: Got that. Worst time of year for pharmacy. 
ROP: No worries. I know how busy you guys are. 
CP: Thanks. The computers are a little slow with all the changes and updates. 
ROP: Take your time. 

IE: Sorry. The computers are giving me a hard time. They're a little slow. 
<IE walks away to the printer at which time I hear...>
PLUMP: Or it could be user error. 

Uh-oh.  Oh. No. You. Didn't!
Time to intervene. 

CP: Excuse me? I'm sorry, but did you just say "it could be user error"? She just told you the computers are running slow. You also just heard me say the same thing to this gentleman right here. It's the first of the month, the first of the year, the weekend, and it's 10am. Everyone's insurances have changed and the companies are processing their updates on the weekend. She has apologised for the wait a few times and you have the balls to say "it might be user error!"? 
PLUMP: Sorry. I just figured maybe it was a training issue. 
CP: Seriously!? So now you not only have the stones to call IE incompetent, but you have the audacity to insult me and how I train my staff? You have quite the nerve. I'm so sorry we let you down with our incompetence. You are quite welcome to go to another store that has well-trained, competent staff who may more readily meet your needs and demands. 
PLUMP: Uh...

CP: Sorry for that rude interruption. 
ROP: Not a problem. I know how it is here. You guys are always so nice and helpful and patient with me. I really appreciate it. 
CP: Aw...<blushes>

PLUMP: <quietly waves IE over and whispers> may I have my prescription back? I want to see something on it. 
IE: <unaware of my conversation with PLUMP> Sure. Here you go. Thank you. 
<PLUMP fakes a cell call, walks to the end of the aisle, and slinks away.>

CP: Well that was phun. 
ROP: What. A. Bitch! I couldn't stop staring at her. I figured this bitch can't be for real. 
CP: She was. Unfortunately we have phar too many people like her today. 
ROP: You handled her well.
CP: Rule Number One in my pharmacy is you don't phuck with my staff. 

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